Here are some very nice testimonials from people I have helped in the past.

  • “Needed help with setting up Wi-Fi, Wes is a lifesaver! Quick response, clear instructions, problem solved. Highly recommended! ” – Sarah T., Local Support
  • “Efficient, friendly, and knowledgeable. Wes helped me install some software remotely that was giving me a lot of issues.” – John K., Remote Support
  • “Needed help with setting up my Outlook, multiple email addresses made it difficult. Wes was able to help me and also showed me how to do it myself in the future.” – Emily F., Local Support
  • “I needed help with some WordPress website tweaks, Wes was able to help me even though he is still new at website design.” – Alex B, Remote Support
  • “Wes helped me with removing a computer virus, he was able to fix the virus remotely!” – Lily J., Remote Support

Have I helped you in the past? Please send me a message using the contact form and I will feature it on this page.