Here’s a list of resources related to IT, systems administration, programming, technology, and more.

  1. Stack Overflow: A community-driven platform where developers and IT professionals ask and answer questions related to programming and technology. Stack Overflow
  2. GitHub: A platform for hosting and collaborating on code repositories. It’s not only a place to find code but also to explore various projects and learn from them. GitHub
  3. Reddit – r/sysadmin: A subreddit dedicated to system administrators where you can find discussions, tips, and resources related to IT infrastructure management. r/sysadmin
  4. TechNet: Microsoft’s resource hub for IT professionals. It offers articles, tutorials, forums, and documentation related to Microsoft products and technologies. TechNet
  5. Network World: A website providing news, analysis, and insights on networking and IT infrastructure. It also offers how-to guides and tips for IT professionals. Network World
  6. Cybrary: A platform offering free IT and cybersecurity training courses, including tutorials, videos, and hands-on labs. Cybrary
  7. A website focused on DevOps practices, offering articles, webinars, and resources for IT professionals interested in DevOps methodologies.
  8. Server Fault: A community-driven Q&A site for system administrators and IT professionals managing server infrastructure. Server Fault
  9. Codecademy: While primarily focused on programming, Codecademy offers courses on various IT-related topics like web development, data science, and cybersecurity. Codecademy
  10. TechTarget: A network of technology-specific websites providing news, tips, and tutorials on various IT topics, including networking, security, and cloud computing. TechTarget